Postural Restoration Institute Breathing: How to Improve Your Lungs with PRI Breathing

Postural Restoration Institute Breathing. How to Improve Your Lungs with PRI Breathing

Healthy lungs provide our bodies with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide while keeping every organ functioning properly. When it’s well running, our respiratory system can help improve the quality of our everyday life, and we can better resist aging and disease. As an athlete, achieving peak physical performance is only possible with efficient lungs.

If you’re looking to improve lung capacity and increase the efficiency of oxygen moving through your body, Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) breathing can help.

The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI)

The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) has developed an innovative neuromuscular retraining method.

The approach targets the major contributions of postural kinematic movement dysfunction and recognizes the imbalances of the human body. Doing so offers a more effective way of improving physical functioning through correct respiration.

Zone of Apposition and Postural Restoration Institute Breathing

The Zone of Apposition (ZOA) refers to an upright area of the diaphragms, beginning at the insertion point inside the lower ribs and ending at the top of the diaphragms.

The ZOA depends on the rib cage’s orientation – which can rotate externally (up) or internally (down). When you have higher anterior, externally rotated ribs, you have a decrease in the ZOA on one or both sides of the thoraco-abdominal. The exact ZOA depends on your pattern of diaphragm opposition and abdominal weakness and use.

In a proper ZOA, the diaphragms can go through their full range of motion while working with the abdominals to fill your chest and rib cage with air. Achieving a proper ZOA is only possible when the ribcage and lower spine are not in a state of extension or when we reach thoraco-lumbar flexion.

Postural Restoration Exercises

Live Athletic has credentialed PRI professionals educated on proper PRI breathing techniques. We teach our clients proper PRI breathing and postural restoration exercises via easy-to-follow videos in our convenient app.

Throughout our two-week PRI program, we outline daily exercises to complete that will help improve overall bodily function with proper breathing. During each workout, a series of exercises are demonstrated via video, along with a suggested set number and number of reps.

Use our postural restoration program to improve your peak athletic performance and increase optimal lung capacity.

Get Started with PRI Breathing – Beginning Today!

A strong, efficient respiratory system benefits anyone – whether you are an athlete or not.

If you’re ready to begin improving the health of your lungs, we can help. Our convenient Live Athletics app offers PRI exercises that are easy to implement into your fitness routine. To get started for free, use the code FREEPRI at this link or download our complimentary PRI exercises PDF.

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