Case Study: Ankle Sprain Physical Therapy at Live Athletics

Ankle Sprain Treatment

Ankle Sprain Physical Therapy Treatment and Outcomes

The 16 year old patient presented with acute onset ankle sprain 7/10 pain which limited his overall functional mobility, including his ability to walk or participate in basketball. Patient landed on an opposing players foot. The initial evaluation consisted of strength testing, ankle specific special tests, followed by applied sports neurology mapping. We treated his ankle for pain and swelling with our ankle protocols. During his first physical therapy session he reported immediate pain relief 3/10 pain with full weight bearing and pain free ROM. He saw us 6 times and over the course of those visits we restored him to 0/10 pain with all functional activity allowing him to participate in his high school playoff basketball game.

Clinical Findings

Process: Range of motion testing, strength testing, functional assessment for weight bearing tolerance.


-ROM: Unable to dorsiflex (approx. 10 degrees from neutral), Flexion to 25 degrees with increased pain, Inversion unable due to pain, eversion 10 with increased pain.

-Edema: Increased swelling with moderate bruising on lateral ankle.

-Weakness: Patient demonstrated generalized weakness (grossly 4-/5) in ankle MMT tests.

-Special testing: Negative for the following: WTB, Squeeze Test, x-ray.

Treatment and Outcomes

Patient presented with a mid grade inversion ankle sprain after landing on an opposing players foot. Physical Therapy treatment focused on reducing swelling and restoring ROM. We utilized the boost technology to have a positive affect on swelling during the first 3 days of treatment. Our treatment techniques included manual therapy to address the dorsiflexion deficit, Corrective exercise focused on restoring motor control, balance, and first toe activation. Patient was instructed to continue wearing compression and performing his custom home exercise program daily. Patient responded very quickly and was able to return to basketball practice in just 4 days.


Average return to play for a mid level ankle sprain is 14-21 days. With our ankle sprain physical therapy protocol that combines sports neurology, manual therapy and targeted exercise prescription this client returned to play in just 10 days. That is a 30-40% improvement. We monitored the patient’s return to play minutes at practice on Day 4-10 to allow him to re-integrate with his team while minimizing the chance of damaging his ankle further.

Patient Perspective

Patient and the patient’s family were thrilled at the progress he was able to make in just over a week. Following the evaluation they were shocked at how quick we were able to get the client back walking without a limp. The parents and coaches were excited that he was going to be back playing in just over a week. This patient played the full the game and lead his team to a CIF Playoff game win.

Ankle Sprain Physical Therapy at Live Athletics

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