4 Reasons to Use the Live Athletics App for Baseball Training

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From powerful strength for batting or pitching to strong agility for baserunning, baseball requires a high level of physical capabilities. And without the proper conditioning, it’s going to be near impossible to succeed in this physically demanding sport.

Fortunately, our MLB-Level Training app provides an efficient, affordable way to become a successful baseball player. Here’s why you should use it as part of your baseball training program.

Individualized Training

Depending on your fitness level, available equipment, and fitness goals, you can choose from a total of six baseball training programs in the Live Athletics app: Corrective Mobility Enhancement, Trailside Sequencing, Pre and Post Throw Routine, Velocity for Throwers (gym-based), Return to Throw, and Pitch-Proofing.

Some programs, like our Pitch-Proofing and Trailside Sequencing, include weekly one-on-one meetings with Live Athletics owner Zach Ray. Using his years of experience from being an athlete and working with athletes, he’ll develop a plan to help you reach your greatest potential.

Targeted Exercises

Perhaps you’re looking to enhance your movement patterns, produce more velocity, or improve your arm care. The programs available in our app are all specific to the game of baseball and keep you safe from common baseball injuries. For example, our gym-based Velocity for Throwers program is the same training we use with MLB pitchers Jack Flaherty, Chris Archer and other professional players.

No matter which programs you choose to complete, we’ll focus on building a solid foundation before advancing to new techniques. Our baseball training program will help improve your power production and explosion without compromising flexibility or safety.

Easy-To-Follow Format

Access a different daily workout complete with detailed video demonstrations and step-by-step descriptions for each exercise. We outline the proper number of sets, reps, and amount of rest time so that you’re maximizing every workout opportunity.

The best part? You can access your workout anytime, anywhere you go, as long as you have a mobile device.

Guaranteed Results

Our program was built after studying elite athletes and performing testing with thousands of baseball players. We know how to get you playing your best game – while promoting recovery and staying healthy.

Although your genetics, work ethic, and age can affect physical results, our app can maximize your potential with the right level of dedication.

Our MLB-Level Training has worked for 25 major league baseball players and can for you, too. If you’re ready to take your baseball training to the next level, download our app to get started today.

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