Front Desk Training

1. Make a Great 1st Impression

• Make sure to smile, remain calm/composed, and be attentive to their questions
• Awareness that we have the most frequent and influential first impression
• All call backs within 60 Minutes
• Make client happiness a priority
• Answer the phone in a warm and welcoming manner

2. Discover Their “WHY”

• Be vulnerable, not perfect
• Learn about our client’s primary motives and what drives them
• Peel away the cliché surface-level communication; show them you care
• Relate to them, and provide insight as a friend while serving them
• Be involved, support local athletes, and invite them to LA social events

3. Help Bring Notable Results Immediately

• Establish a safe, welcome environment that the client values
• Make sure clients know of elective services that provide quick relief
• Address any special requests
• Make the patients feel comfortable and at home
• Mention their progress and express small improvements they may not realize

4. Inspire Them to “Buy-In” to Their Program

• Compliment a staff member on transitions to new service
• Give very clear and informative descriptions about our services
• Reinforce how we change lives by relieving their pains
• Get them on schedule to help them, and let them know they will heal that way
• Ask them how their program is going and what their next step is after healing

5. Help Them Reach for a Higher Level of Health (HLH)

• Educate on: sleep, physical activity, stress reduction, and nutrition effect on health
• Identify who to push, and who to support passively
• Address physical and emotional concerns
• Be their stability while going through personal challenges and adversity
• Provide variability in training so they must adapt to unfamiliar training concepts