What is the ‘Sports Recovery Program?’

When you are active and working on increasing your performance on the court or field your body has to be in its top condition. Our sports recovery program enhances your body’s ability to clear lactic acid, clear blockages from your muscles and stimulate blood flow throughout the body to increase range of motion, stop any aches or pains and have better flexibility.

We provide a variety of techniques in this program including rhythmic massage, electro muscle flush and compression therapy. These techniques allow your body renew, refresh and recover. Your therapist will determine which techniques will be best for your athletic goal and wants you to perform at your highest level and emphasizes those goals throughout your therapy program.

This program is best for those who aspire to perform at a high level and are serious about their training regimen. 

We want you to perform at your highest level and feel great doing it. The results you will get from the sports recovery program will allow you to take your performance to the next level.

The Benefits of our Sports Recovery Program:

  1. Increased range of motion
  2. Decreased pain
  3. Increased blood circulation
  4. Decreased lactic acid
  5. Increased endorphins
  6. Start seeing results immediately
  7. Prevent future problems
  8. Highest quality service
  9. The latest technology

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